II. The Team

Nectar and the Open Ads Protocol is in development by an accomplished core team with experience at companies including Electronic Arts, Mecari, BlueCore, and BestBuy Corp. Other projects worked on include AI computer vision systems, decentralized peer-to-peer crypto exchanges, high-scale ad-tech, and the digital portion of the World Series of Poker franchise.
  • Web 2 rewarded ad-tech platform early team. SuperRewards at AdKnowledge, exit of $50MM.
  • $250M revenue on mobile games product, monetization, marketing.
  • Web3 gaming Marketing Director - MixMob (Solana, venture backed).
  • Senior Product Manager - World Series of Poker, Electronic Arts.
  • 15 Years Experience in software development
  • Head of Technology at two creative agencies (led the first to acquisition by the latter).
  • Co-founder and CTO of Cause of a Kind agency. $1,000,000+ revenue in < 12 months.
  • Early employee (<20) at two successful startups, Olapic (acq), BlueCore ($1bn val)
  • Web3 experience: VeeFriends, CryptoDocs
Web3 Lead:
  • Creator of P2PMoon peer-to-peer exchange and Entryfee loyalty rewards + more.
  • Mercari, Best Buy Engineering Lead
  • Wiivv platform: Computer vision, 3D printing.
  • R&D Software Developer