Late Q2

Project Setup & Research

During this phase, we will conduct market research to understand the landscape of existing advertising platforms, their strengths, weaknesses, and potential integration points. Concurrently, we will also initiate early customer relationship development to shape our understanding of user needs.

Technical Design & Specification

This phase will see us defining the core features and user flows for creating, bidding on, displaying, and tracking ads. We will design the API endpoints and plan the smart contract architecture for ad auctions and ad tracking. Moreover, we will define the technical details of the OAP ERC-20 token.


MVP Protocol & OAP Token Development

We will develop and test the smart contracts for ad creation, ad auctions, ad tracking, and token transactions. The completion of this milestone will mark the readiness of the core components of our platform. The smart contracts and the testing suite will be open-sourced to demonstrate the potential of our transparent and secure advertising platform.

Backend, Frontend Development (MVP Nectar Application for web3 games)

With the MVP protocol in place, we will then build the backend server and APIs using Node.js, as well as the frontend user interface using React. This will complete the MVP of the Nectar platform and prepare us for beta testing.

Beta Testing

The platform will be tested with a small group of users. We will gather feedback on the usability, features, and performance of the platform to identify areas of improvement.

Security Audit

We will engage an external agency to conduct a thorough security audit of our smart contracts and the Nectar platform to ensure that our system is secure and reliable. Any identified issues will be promptly addressed and fixed.


AI Integration for Ad Targeting

In this phase, we will integrate the AI targeting model to improve ad relevance. This involves choosing the right AI software and modifying it to analyze data from users' crypto wallets and provide personalized ad experiences.

Soft Launch to Mainnet

After a successful security audit and Beta test phase, we will launch the OAP to mainnet in preparation for expansion of our testing partnership group.

Launch Nectar MVP to Wider Partner Group

At this point we will onboard another group of Beta test partners. We will aim to have 50,000 daily active wallets to further stress test the protocol.



Data and Ad Serving Improvements

In response to learnings from our Wider Partner Group MVP testing, we will improve Nectar and the OAP to continue towards our goal of a user-centric protocol.


OAP Developer Portal Opens

The Open Ads Protocol Developer Portal will officially open after Beta testing is complete.

Marketing Begins

We will be community building very actively up until this point, but in advance of the Developer Portal opening and Nectar gaining traction we will begin to launch wider reaching marketing messaging with the goals of onboarding advertisers and publishers to reach 100,000 Daily Active Wallets.


$OAP Launch

Grants Program Starts

Nectar Go-to-Market

Continued development and refinement of the protocol, Nectar and community.