Q1 (January - March) - [Current Phase]

Early Access and Platform Refinement

- Continue early access of the advertising platform.
- Accelerate development and feature enhancement of Nectar, aiming for a more robust ad network.
- Focus on improving user interface, ad delivery mechanisms, and integrating initial user feedback.
- Begin development of robust on-chain architecture for ad-related operations.

Q2 (April - June)

Intensive Development and Pre-Launch Preparations

- Finalize on-chain reporting systems, ad algorithms, and attribution and targeting mechanisms.
- Complete scalability and security enhancements for handling increased on-chain transactions.
- Initiate the deployment of decentralized validator nodes and start preliminary onboarding of validator operators.
- Conduct initial testing and quality assurance of the network.

Q3 (July - September)

Official Launch and Ecosystem Expansion

- Officially launch Nectar as a fully operational ad network, targeting substantial impressions to establish market presence.
- Officially launch the OAP token, integrating it into the platform for transactions, rewards, and incentives.
- Develop and launch the OAP Developer Portal, providing resources and support for third-party developers.
- Expand the network of validator operators and refine the public validator program.

Q4 (October - December)

Community Growth and Platform Maturation

- Focus on community building, offering incentives for validators, advertisers, publishers, and active contributors.
- Scale the platform, enhancing performance, and expanding the user base.
- Foster partnerships and integrations to broaden the utility and reach of the OAP ecosystem.
- Iterate on the platform based on user feedback, market trends, and technological advancements.
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