Token Utility

At it's core, the OAP token is a utility token specifically designed for our decentralized advertising layer. This section outlines the role and functions of OAP in the platform's ecosystem, describing its impact on advertisers, consumers, and ad publishers.

Transactional Role

The OAP token serves as the native currency within the platform. Advertisers use the token to purchase ad space and impressions and Publishers receive it as payment. This token-based model ensures liquidity and encourages participation, creating a demand for $OAP.

User Engagement Incentives

Users who interact with or view ads receive OAP tokens. This approach enhances user engagement, provides advertisers with meaningful audience feedback, and encourages a fair attention economy.

Data Sharing Rewards

Users are incentivized with OAP tokens to share additional information about their browsing habits or interests. This enables advertisers to target their campaigns more effectively.

Referral Incentives

To encourage platform growth, OAP tokens are offered as rewards for successful referrals. Bringing new advertisers or users to the platform benefits all participants and promotes expansion of the OAP ecosystem.

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