OAP Validators act as a network of nodes that are basically the “ad network” for OAP and performs 2 key functions:

  1. Acts as a high performance distributed backend for applications built on top of OAP to handle all day to day advertising functionality

    1. Keep track of ads

    2. Serve ads

    3. Ad tracking

  2. Performs all blockchain related functionality

Our current MVP design:

The core “off chain” function of validators is to support the ad operations driven by client applications (Nectar) and handle all other ad tracking, serving and budgets. In our case, we separate how we think of validators if it's for on chain functions or off chain functions.

Off chain functions of validators can be thought of as just a backend for any advertising network. The advertising network needs to be able to:

  1. Create ads

  2. Serve ads to publishers

  3. Keep track of tracking data like clicks and impressions

  4. Manage user budgets and bidding

  5. Manage ad serving and targeting algorithms

  6. Ensure accurate reporting of ad data back to clients

On chain functionality of validators can be thought of as an interface to BASE.

The validators are responsible for

  1. Writing Ads to chain

  2. Writing Ad Events to chain

  3. Syncing up with the registry and algorithms on chain (post MVP)

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