OAP integrates with the BASE blockchain, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) solution, to provide a decentralized and transparent digital advertising framework.

The main way OAP utilizes BASE is primarily as a source of truth for all advertising data that passes through the system and to avoid any black box implementations of targeting, algorithms and reporting.

With the use of our high performance validators, we are able to provide a robust query infrastructure to transparently report and verify anything that happens in an advertising lifecycle.


  • Cost-Efficiency: BASE reduces transaction costs with its rollup architecture, crucial for the high volume of microtransactions in a digital advertising system.

  • Ethereum L2 Foundation: BASE, as an Ethereum L2, enhances scalability and maintains Ethereum's security and stability, essential for a robust advertising ecosystem.

  • EVM Compatibility: BASE's EVM compatibility allows for seamless integration and deployment of OAP's advertising algorithms and smart contracts. This also allows easy onboarding of ecosystem components.

Key On-Chain Components

  • Ads as NFTs: OAP stores Advertisement objects as custom erc721 tokens on-chain, ensuring transparency and traceability. We provide functionality through the validators to interact, validate and query with the ad objects.

  • Ad Events as Merkel trees (impressions and clicks): OAP stores all critical advertising related metadata such as clicks/impressions batched into Merkel trees and rolled up into BASE via our custom on chain smart contracts. This allows for high performance queries, validation and a high level of trust and transparency where it counts the most.

  • Ad Algorithms and Logic: OAP uses smart contracts for ad delivery logic, targeting algorithms, and performance optimization, ensuring transparent and consistent ad serving. In our MVP stage, we are experimenting with different ways to sync data from on and off chain sources but the core mission is to provide transparency with how our network operates.

  • Validator Registry and Governance: OAP's validator registry is kept on chain, a ledger of nodes authorized for validating ad events and transactions, supporting a community-driven ecosystem and again, transparency on where ads are being served from.

  • Rewards System Powered by $OAP: BASE supports the OAP rewards system, using tokens to incentivize behaviors within the ecosystem, including validator compensation and community/ecosystem rewards.

Below is a high level overview of how we write ads onchain.

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